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Enaiviv Injection Moulding machines High Quality and High reliability at a low price.


Enaiviv Injection machines are now in there 25th Year of production and offer you a reliable low cost machine

to meet your production needs.

Initialy built to target the smaller mould shop Enaiviv have also become a favorite for many large scale moulders

with machines now being sold Worldwide Enaiviv have enjoyed large growth in the moulding machine market and

have become one of the biggest suppliers in Asia.

Enaiviv machines come in many types for all type of moulders in all types of materials including PET pre-form, BMC

thermoset as well as a wide range of standard plastics.


30 Ton - 3000 Ton.

Enaiviv machines come in a wide range of tonnage from 30 ton up to 3000 ton clamp and also have a wide range of

screw sizes to give you a tailored injection rate for your production needs.

Enaiviv will also customize your build with non standard injection units fitted to clamping units.

We can also offer a large range of screw types and standard materials for screw and barrel or wear resistant materials.


Energy Saving.

Enaiviv offer standard hydraulic or energy saving machines that can offer up to 78% power saving over

standard machines.

The energy saving SN3 range offer inverter controlled servo motor drive and variable hydraulic pump all this giving you

a better low cost moulding solution.


Injection Units.

German made ACM2 Screw.

Italian Intermot Hydraulic Motor

Japan Made SACM645 Barrel units

Multi Injection stage pressure and speed computer control

Italian made transducer.


Standard Accessories.

10.4" LCD screen

Air Ejectors

Hydraulic core device

Auto mould thickness positioning

Strengthened bushings for 5 point Toggle


Enaiviv AMV Range.

Enaiviv also offer a range of vertical injection machines hydraulic drive with fixed platen ideal for small electrical parts

we can offer 55 to and 90 ton variants with a large range of screw sizes.





There are now over 30 Enaiviv machines in the UK

Here are some above that we have delivered in the UK.


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