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0893051 Wurth Maintenance spray 10.17

A general use maintenance spray for most applications


08931071 Wurth Food Safe Lubricating Oil 12.97

Colorless odorless food safe spray.

0893222600 Wurth Silicone Remover 20.99

Cleaning and degreasing spray

0890600302 Wurth Hand Cleaning foam 8.73

Hand foam cleaner ideal for on site hand cleaning just pray on and wipe off.

089020 Wurth Leak Detector 8.23

Leak detector for use in compressed air line systems or gas systems for detecting leaks.

089027 Wurth Leak detector plus 12.45

Leak detector for use in compressed airline systems and gas systems with a more advanced leak detecting system.

0893123 Wurth HSP1400 Lube Paste 18.00

Grey metal free lubrication paste that reduces wear, Separates surfaces reliability and outstanding corrosion protection

0893550 Wurth PTFE Dry Lube Spray 10.20

Dry lubrication system that does not attract dirt and dust.

08931063 Wurth HHS 5000 Adhesive Lube Spray 18.99

Extreme Temperature resistant fully synthetic penetrating oil with PTFE

0893800 Wurth CU800 Copper Spray 16.47

Highly adhesive lubricating separating and anti corrosive copper spray that is also extremely resistant to high temperatures

0893241 Wurth Rost Off Blue Ice 10.93

High quality rust remover with cracking effect.

0893130 Wurth Rost Off Crafty 9.19

Synthetic Rust remover up to 60% biodegradable rust remover . Food registration NSF-H2

0893224 Wurth Care and Lubricant Spray 7.48

Care lubricating ideal on plastic and rubber components.




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